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Please DON’T  TEXT AND DRIVE:  Drivers who use hand held devices are 4 times more likely to get into a serious crash. Texting takes your eyes off the road for and average of 5 seconds. That is like driving down a football field completely blind.   DON’T BE THAT PERSON!!

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If you need to or would like to take the Defensive driving class please text 281-409-4222 to get additional information or email us at info@drivingsafetx.com.  If you need to speak to a live person, please send an email and a representative will call you back with class details within 2 to 4 hours.

Please bring Court Paperwork to class. This class can also be taken for insurance discount which will give you a discount for up to 3 years. *

* Depends Insurance Company

Tips For Safe Driving:

Have a good attitude when getting behind the wheel.

Do not liter from your vehicle.

Pay attention to all traffic signs and lights.

Use your turning signals for every turn and lane change.

When hydroplaning, do not use the break.

When driving on the freeway, be sure to go with the flow.

Use good judgement.

Maintain financial responsibility for your vehicle at all times. 

Never try to beat a train.

Increase following distance when roads are wet.

 In foggy conditions use your low beam headlights.

Pay attention to stopping distances.

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10103 Fondren Rd 

Suite 340

Houston, TX 77096 

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Email: info@drivingsafetx.com